Digital marketing tips

Digital Marketing

Regardless of whether the business you run is an ecommerce shop or a brick and mortar store, you need a digital marketing strategy. You should put a lot of thought into it to help build your ranking. This will also improve website performance and help your online presence skyrocket. Here are some digital marketing tips for you to try out. Continue reading

Improving your keyword ranking in Google

keyword ranking

At one time it was fairly straightforward to improve your keyword ranking. However, this is no longer the case thanks to the changes to Google’s algorithm. The search engine is always looking to improve the results it shows for queries. These changes to how it ranks sites make it harder for businesses. As a result you may need to change tactics. You should test new strategies, make continuous improvements, and monitor performance if you want to boost your rank. Continue reading

Types of e-commerce

types of e-commerce

Sales from online stores are on the rise due to the increasing popularity and ease of internet purchases. There are various types of e-commerce that can all thrive when used correctly. However, those unfamiliar with these businesses can find it difficult to start up. You also need to understand what models are there to use. Continue reading