Social Media

Social Media Packages

What kind of social media campaign do you want?

It is incredible how many different social media networks there are for connecting with people. We can help you choose the perfect strategy. The packages below are a great starting point, including everything you need from posting to managing the accounts. We can also create a bespoke package if you need to add anything to them or want to build your own from scratch.


from £299 plus VAT

  • In-house
  • 1 Network
  • 5 Monthly posts
  • Quarterly Report
  • Review Current Pages
  • Manage Ads

BudgetA recommended spend of £50/mo Get In Touch


from £399 plus VAT

  • 3 Blog posts
  • 2 Networks
  • 10 Monthly posts
  • Monthly Report
  • Review Current Pages
  • Manage Ads

Budget We recommend a spend of £100/mo Get In Touch


from £699 plus VAT

  • 6 Blog posts
  • 3+ Networks
  • 25 Monthly posts
  • Monthly Report
  • Review Current Pages
  • Manage Ads

BudgetWe recommend a spend of £300/mo Get In Touch


from £POA plus VAT

Your social media should be as unique as your business and celebrate what makes you special. With that in mind, you can come to us to create a bespoke package that gives you everything you want.

Get In Touch

How do you want people to see your brand?

Give people the right impression with social media

You can make or break your brand with social media. If you do it right you can create a loyal, passionate audience that loves your business and wants to get more people talking about it. To do this you need to create the right content and put it on the network where you will find the most receptive audience.

We can help you decide on a strategy, including what type of content to release and what networks to use. On top of this we manage everything for you and provide regular updates.

Social media advertising

Why not advertise your business on social media?

You can go one step further than simply posting on social media networks and actively use them as part of your advertising strategy. You can have paid ads that will target the specific audience you want to reach. This will give you access to billions of people who browse every day. It is also the easiest way to reach mobile users.

This is a versatile and very cost effective way of advertising your business, especially if you are already connected to your target audience.


Get easy access to billions of active users. You can effectively target them by location, demographic, or profile details so your Facebook ads reach the right people.


People love talking about their favourite brands on Twitter. Advertise here to reach an influential, receptive audience and get them to care about your brand.


What better network is there for businesses to advertise on than one with a professional audience? Campaign to boost brand awareness, engagement, or lead generation.


Social media advertising should definitely be part of your marketing strategy. It can offer a great ROI and you can create versatile campaigns that get the right attention.